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 War using elements from BattleTech

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Daniel the Hedgehog
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War using elements from BattleTech Empty
PostSubject: War using elements from BattleTech   War using elements from BattleTech I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 17, 2009 9:16 am

We're doing combat! We all work together to destroy enemies like Waluigi and Wario.

Weapon:Warhammer battle 'Mech (Yes, you can use stuff stuff from the game BattleTech)
Note: Warhammers have twin particle projection cannons(PPC's) and jump-jets.
Special Attack(s): Twin Particle Beam and Death from Above(Particle beams cause EXTREME damage or INSTANT DEATH to enemies and overheat easily and require at least one PPC, while Death from Above requires Jump Jets and harms YOU AND YOUR ENEMY) 'Mechs are more powerful than most weapons.
Name: Daniel
Transport: Huge drop-ship

Let's go to war!!!!!!!!
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War using elements from BattleTech
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