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 Scroll wheel trouble...

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Daniel the Hedgehog
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Daniel the Hedgehog

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Scroll wheel trouble... Empty
PostScroll wheel trouble...

My scroll wheel on my computer mouse got jammed a few minutes ago because it broke at the least convenient place, so I might not get on as much. Being prone to violence, I hit it a few times, causing it to split where it is supposed to split if maintenance is needed. However, it was so badly designed that it only had one tiny screw. With how often this happens to me and my dad, I'd have to guess that the scroll wheel is SUPPOSED to break like it did. Phooey on cruddy Chinese-made stuff that is supposedly made to, "Withstand and still not break after being hit 1000000 times with a bowling ball dropped from the top of Taipei 101," like computer mouses and keyboards. I say the Americans need to have another Boston Tea Party, but not where we throw British tea overboard into the sea. The tea would be replaced with all the crud that we import from Chinese factories. DOWN WITH FOREIGN PRODUCTS! UP WITH DOMESTICALLY-PRODUCED PRODUCTS! JOIN THE ANTI-CHINESE IMPORT RIOT WITH ME! WE WILL BAN CHINES TRASH FROM OUR COUNTRY AND SAVE THE ECONOMY AT THE SAME TIME! WHO'S WITH ME?
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Scroll wheel trouble... :: Comments

Re: Scroll wheel trouble...
Post on Thu Aug 19, 2010 5:57 pm by Comet
Daniel the Hedgehog
Re: Scroll wheel trouble...
Post on Thu Aug 19, 2010 8:20 pm by Daniel the Hedgehog
Sorry. Got a bit carried away.
This is what i said shortly after the scroll wheel broke.

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Re: Scroll wheel trouble...
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Scroll wheel trouble...

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